Becky absolutely loves her Swincar. The main reason she loves her Swincar so much is because it’s an electric adaptive ATV, it adapt to her needs (and wants!). Becky is a paraplegic from a spinal cord injury, so she now has limited mobility, but she loves getting out there on the trails.

Becky started riding horses 31 years ago for physical therapy rehab, and now owns property called the Castle Canyon that has a variety of riding paths already established. Becky has missed being able to ride around on the trails on horseback, so she started looking into different adaptive vehicles to be able to move around her property. She tested out many different vehicles and was never fully satisfied until she purchased her Swincar in April of 2020.

Since getting the Swincar Becky rides 5 days a week for several miles a day. The main things that she loves about her Swincar is that it’s very easy to transfer from her wheelchair into the Swincar, the autobrake function, how quiet it is, and the comfort it offers. She calls her Swincar her “electric horse” because she is now able to get around her property in a safe and fun way, just as she did when she was able to ride her horse.

In a recent interview with ASI, Becky told us, “What I like about the Swincar is that I feel safe. It’s fun to go outside in the woods with no restraints, fast or slow. It’s quiet. It’s easy to go forward at any desired speed without the controls being jerky. This is such an improvement from my old 4 wheeler. Braking down hills with the old 4 wheeler gave me severe hand pain, especially in the middle of the night. The Swincar saved my hands! No braking required, even when going down steep hills. Uneven ground – I feel safe – never feel in danger of tipping to the side. It is so easy to get on and off, with just a little help. It is a great safe way to have fun with friends outside.”

We’re thrilled that the Swincar has helped Becky to get her mobility and freedom again.   Which features of the Swincar will be the most valuable to you?  The Swincar is an electric adaptive ATV and there are different options to customize it with. Contact Adventure Sports Innovation to learn more….

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SwincarUSA is a network of dealers, eco-tour operators, service centers, and independent sales agents created by Adventure Sports Innovation, the first U.S. Swincar fleet operator since 2018, and now the exclusive Swincar distributor in North America, enabling purchasing of  Swincars in the USA and Canada.

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) brings to market the latest inventions and innovations for outdoor experiences, sourced from inventors and manufacturers around the world to Chattanooga, TN. ASI is proud to be the North America distributor for the Swincar, offering tours, Swincar sales for individuals and fleet owners, parts and service, and even Dealer startups within North America.

Tel:   (423) 225-4300  & Address: 191 River Street, Chattanooga, TN 37405

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About Adventure Sports Innovation

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) is proud to be the distributor for the Swincar throughout North America and are working to expand Swincar’s presence throughout the USA and Canada.

ASI offers a variety of Tours and test drive rides for all abilities.   ASI’s primary riding destination is at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, close to downtown Chattanooga, with over 300 acres of forest and trails climbing the side of the iconic Lookout Mountain.  Other off-road venues are available for private tours.  ASI has Swincars equipped for drivers with adaptive needs, and can organize group events featuring the Swincar, or even arrange for private tours on your own property.

ASI is a full-service dealer, distributor, and authorized service center for Swincar in the USA.

  • For individuals looking to purchase a Swincar in the USA, vehicles can be picked up at our Chattanooga, TN facility, or we can provide delivery service of a crated Swincar to your location, along with remote training on safe operations and vehicle care and maintenance.
  • Fleets: ASI is excited to help create fleets of Swincar touring vehicles around the country. We can sell Swincar fleets, and  support fleet operators anywhere in the USA, and will provide specialized training to fleet owners.  Turnkey support programs are available to help entrepreneurs launch new eco-touring operations!
  • ASI generally keeps several new vehicles in stock in our Tennessee warehouse for quick fulfillment of customer orders, or can custom order vehicles from Swincar France as needed, generally with 4 to 8 week production time, plus shipping and transit time. ASI will arrange all shipping and import details and can arrange delivery to a customer’s location.
  • For options, pricing, availability shipping or other details, please contact us at, or check our website at com
  • For individuals looking to purchase a Swincar in Canada, we have created our first dealer in the country, located in Calgary, Alberta. Their primary territory is western Canada, but they are willing to consider helping to import vehicles for customers around the country. Feel free to consult directly with ElecDrive.  Phone is 587-434-6701, and their website is Elecdrive.CA

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