Introducing the

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The off-road vehicle that
makes no noise and leaves no trace


Swincar REaching the top


Powerful 4-wheel drive and independent articulating arms that can take you places you wouldn’t expect



Electric: no noise and no emmissions. Light weight and low-impact to leave the world just the way you found it

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The patented pendulum design keeps you upright with all four wheels on the ground.

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No Matter What

Designed with accessibility in mind, Swincars can become adaptive vehicles like no other

swincar single seater


Solo.  Adventure.

Swincar Tandem


Explore. Together.

Customer Reactions

“It was the most fun we’ve had in years! We laughed and smiled the entire ride!”

“It handled the terrain exceedingly well! It was actually a very smooth ride!”

Swincar in the News

Swincars are upgrading Eco-Tourism

Swincars are upgrading Eco-Tourism

Check out this awesome segment showing off Carroll County, GA and our friends down at Historic Banning Mills - the newest Swincar e-Spider touring location in the U.S! They're great spokespeople for the Swincar, and yet another really exciting example of Swincars’ commercial potential for fleet owners offering new kinds of eco-adventures. If you...

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Swincar Blogs

The Swincars at Drive Electric Tennessee

The Swincars at Drive Electric Tennessee

Earlier this month, our team traveled to Knoxville to participate with the Swincars at Drive Electric Tennessee! DET is an association of stakeholders committed to getting a TON of electric vehicles into the hands of Tennessee residents, and at the Knoxville expo the Swincar appeared alongside many of the best-known names in electric vehicle...

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Swincar Mobility Demo Day in Richmond, Virginia

Swincar Mobility Demo Day in Richmond, Virginia

This past Saturday, we had the biggest and most successful Swincar Mobility Demo Day in Richmond (Virginia) with Sportable that we’ve ever had! The best part: no one involved in organizing this demo day met one another in person until the morning of the event. Nobody should reasonably expect a remotely-organized group project to go very well,...

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The S3’s are Coming!

The S3’s are Coming!

Our engineers are constantly working to refine the Swincar for optimal driving experience and performance.  The Swincar factory in France is now producing the S3 model, which features lots of small upgrades, as well as a few new features and options. Here's a partial list: Engine brakes (regenerative braking system): have been optimized to be...

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