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Find out how to become a proud operator of  this   eco-friendly powerful electric off-road vehicle.

Purchasing a Fleet

Swincar fleet operators are on the cutting edge of adventure tourism. Our tours are the first of their kind, giving guests freedom to explore without disturbing people nor wildlife, nor leaving any permanent mark on the landscape.

Still brand new in the U.S. and Canada, Tour operators can give their guests an experience that they’ve never had and that they’ll never forget.



Locate Dealer

Contact a dealer near you. If there’s none nearby, contact the Swincar USA team directly.


Request Information

Special fleet pricing is available, along with information on profitability, safe operations and maintenance.



Review INFO

Review initial information about how to start and manage your own profitable Swincar business.

Review Swincar models

Single Seater        Tandem        Mobility


Test Drive a Swincar

Call with your questions, and schedule your test drive! 


Set up Order and Delivery

Determine fleet configuration (#singles, # tandem, accessories, spare parts, etc.), and pickup/delivery preference.


Review Fleet Quote

Get a price quote/invoice.


Make Deposit

Make deposit payment to hold your vehicles or initiate a custom order to manufacturer.


Set up Order and Delivery

Finalize delivery/pickup details and schedule fleet operations and maintenance training.


Delivery Day Walk Through

 Arrange for Swincar USA on-site visit or video conference on delivery day, we walk you through set by step!

Fleet Management


Training / Remote Support

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) has spent three years learning the ins-and-outs of managing a fleet of Swincars. We have developed comprehensive training and support materials for new fleet owners (manuals, video library, etc.).  This will prepare you to safely operate and maintain the fleet on your own.


Maintenance Care

 Compared to gas-powered off-road vehicles, Swincars require very little maintenance. However, there are a handful of regular service items that are crucial if you maximize your Swincar fleet revenue generation.  Key tasks include tightening of bolts, adjusting tire pressure and an occasional wheel alignment (10 minute task).


Support wherever you are

We have built a Fleet Operator Program to enable Swincar Tour operators to easily perform the few recommended regular maintenance tasks, and to handle repairs that may be needed.

Our objective is to enable you to quickly ramp up to a top-rated profitable, eco-friendly operation!


Fleet Operator Program

The Program includes:

  • A spare parts kit included in your initial Swincar shipment.
  • A visit or delivery day video conference with an ASI expert technician to assist in unboxing your vehicles, a briefing on safe operations, charging, and best-practice vehicle inspections.
  • Access to ASI’s Swincar Maintenance Video Series, with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations for performing regular maintenance.
  • Phone/Video conference access to Swincar technicians for real-time help with troubleshooting and repairs.

Optional services include:

  • Discounted tour booking software platform
  • Risk Management / Liability insurance coverage

The Program equips Tour Operators with:

  • Best practices for safe operations
  • Marketing support, including promotion of your tour operation
  • Knowledge and ability to sell Swincar to individuals as a Swincar USA agent
  • Knowledge and resources to independently keep their fleet in good, working order under normal use conditions.
  • Skills to repair damages and get vehicles back on the trails quickly.


Additional services available:

  • Platinum level support for new tour operators:
    • Additional on-site visits
    • Tour and trail design
    • Customer touchpoint optimization
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