Our engineers are constantly working to refine the Swincar for optimal driving experience and performance.  The Swincar factory in France is now producing the S3 model, which features lots of small upgrades, as well as a few new features and options. Here’s a partial list:

  • Engine brakes (regenerative braking system): have been optimized to be even smoother and quieter than before.  Additional Braking options include the “performance brakes” which integrate electric assistance for easier and more secure braking, and “progressive brakes” which incorporate the electric-assist progressive brakes into a thumb  press lever as a mobility feature for drivers not comfortable with squeeze-lever braking.
  • Optimized direct steering:  Now that the Formula One steering wheel is standard on the Swincar, the designers have reduced the rotation angle to 135°, instead of 180° previously.  Results – easier on the hands and arms for longer drives, and especially for those with reduced arm strength.  Custom mobility options include a 90° turn radius steering wheel.
  • 90 amp-hour Battery:  While only slightly bigger than the previous 87Ah battery, the new cell configuration designed by Swincar provides longer drive time with the same recharge times!  On single seaters, that equates to about 4.5 hours drive time or 90 miles at top speed, with just over two hours to charge up.  
  • Enhanced Motor Controllers: Quiet is now silent!  New motor controllers with sine wave design are even quieter, with torque delivered even more smoothly than in previous models.
  • Three speed switch: For those looking to reduce top speed on the vehicle, a simple switch can be installed out of sight to adjust vehicle top speed as needed – potentially very useful in a touring operation or when training new drivers.
  • LED headlights: After a successful introduction as optional equipment on the S2 model last year, Swincar has made these sharp looking LED headlights standard equipment on the S3 models.  Super bright, modern and extremely low energy usage makes these ideal for our electric off-roaders. 

Swincar USA has a shipment of the S3’s on the way, due to arrive in June – reserve yours now!  For more info and pictures, check out the details on our website.

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Swincar USA is a network of dealers, eco-tour operators, service centers, and independent sales agents around the country.   Built around Adventure Sports Innovation – the first Swincar fleet operator and now distributor  in the U.S.  For more information about the manufacturer, go to Swincar.net We work together to show America that off-roading can be quiet, low-impact, emission-free, and SO. MUCH. FUN.

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