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Swincar’s innate design has the needs of drivers with mobility challenges in mind. Either a single seater or a tandem can be configured with multiple mobility options.  Standard vehicles are all hand controlled and the “Swingarms” can open to enable the driver to transfer from a wheelchair into the Swincar. The manufacturer is continuously innovating, making Swincar the best choice for off-road driving for all.

Mobility Options

Swincar patented pendulum design

Telescoping Swingarms

The pendulum design and articulating swingarms keeps you upright and driving with all four wheels on the ground.
Swincar hand controls

Hand Controls

Every vehicle comes equipped with hand-controlled braking and acceleration. Also, the thumb throttle can easily be moved to the right or left.

open swingarms

Telescoping Swingarms

Enable easy transfers from / to wheelchairs. Can also be setup either on the left or right side of the vehicle.

Swincar Rallye seat

Reclining rallye seat

Deeper seat pocket than our standard seat, with higher hip guards – really minimizes potential to slip out of the seat for those with less muscle control below the waist.
Pull-pull steering for swincar

Push/Pull Power

Great for those without the finger strength or dexterity to safely operate the standard hand brakes and throttle. This option allows drivers to control their speed by pulling and pushing the steering wheel towards and away from them.

swincar push throttle

Power Steering

This option is going to significantly reduce how much work your shoulders have to do to control your Swincar. The power steering module makes for an easier driving experience and even reduces the “degrees to turn,” which means you don’t need to turn the steering wheel quite as far to execute sharp turns.

Swincar adaptive

Joy Stick Configuration

This option is for our off-road travelers with very little upper-body mobility. You don’t have to worry about a steering wheel, you don’t have to worry about hand brakes. Just a joystick. It’s the simplicity of a powerchair, with all the capability and independence of a Swincar. So it’s way more power and way less chair.

swincar performance braking

Performance Braking

Combine hydraulic and electric braking to maximize stopping power and efficiency. Ideal for those who want to control braking with a very light touch.

progressive braking

Progressive Braking

A simpler braking system, using a thumb controller instead of brake levers. Combines with progressive electric brakes and is ideal for drivers with reduced grip strength or dexterity.

battery gauge

Enhanced battery gauge

For drivers with reduced mobility, running out of power out in the woods is a true safety concern. Swincar’s new enhanced Battery Monitor gives the driver a large visual display showing how much power is remaining, to help ensure you head to a power supply for a re-charge in plenty of time.

Blogs – Adaptive Swincar

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Off-roading is for everyone

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