We are excited about this months newsletter from Reflection Riding! We have very much enjoyed being a part of the Reflection Riding family and sharing our fantastic Swincars with our guests at their beautiful arboretum. Check out the snippet from the newsletter below to see Swincar Featured at Reflection Riding!

“Reflection Riding’s founder John Chambliss created “the Riding” at the height of America’s car culture and marketed the place as a drive-through roadside attraction. Today, you can enjoy a similar experience in a Swincar e-Spider, through our partnership with Adventure Sports Innovation. These electrically powered off-road vehicles provide a very unique driving experience, with a comfortable and stable ride. Swincar e-Spiders make almost no sound, run entirely on electricity and have a very light footprint when it comes to wearing down the roads and causing potholes. With no windshield or enclosed cabin, they’re also the best way (aside from on foot) to see the property and experience the outdoors while getting a view of the entire Reflection Riding loop. Plus, ASI is delighted to work with guests who may have mobility challenges to explore the full park. 

Currently, all Swincar tours are led by a guide from Adventure Sports Innovation. If you meet a Swincar tour while hiking at Reflection Riding, feel free to say hello to fellow explorers! Tour participants will keep an eye out for pedestrians and will try not to startle you as they quietly navigate the campus.Contact us to book a tour as a team-building activity, or book a trip for your family or friends. Tours are typically offered Wednesday-Sunday at 1:30 and 3:30.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about us, and we are looking forward to many more adventures in the future! Be sure to check back for more updates about Swincar Featured at Reflection Riding in the future!

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