Earlier this month, our team traveled to Knoxville to participate with the Swincars at Drive Electric Tennessee! DET is an association of stakeholders committed to getting a TON of electric vehicles into the hands of Tennessee residents, and at the Knoxville expo the Swincar appeared alongside many of the best-known names in electric vehicle innovation – Tesla, Nissan, and Volkswagen to name a few. Needless to say, the Swincar caught a bunch of attention, and we couldn’t be more pleased to play a part in pushing the electric revolution forward with the Swincars at Drive Electric Tennessee!

Swincar at Drive Electric Tennessee

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Swincar USA is a network of dealers, eco-tour operators, service centers, and independent sales agents around the country.   Built around Adventure Sports Innovation – the first Swincar fleet operator and now distributor  in the U.S.  For more information about the manufacturer, go to Swincar.net We work together to show America that off-roading can be quiet, low-impact, emission-free, and SO. MUCH. FUN.

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