Check out this awesome segment showing off Carroll County, GA and our friends down at Historic Banning Mills – the newest Swincar e-Spider touring location in the U.S! They’re great spokespeople for the Swincar, and yet another really exciting example of Swincars’ commercial potential for fleet owners offering new kinds of eco-adventures. If you loved your e-Spider off-road tour with ASI, your bound to love their Swincar tour as well! Tell Aditya we say hello!   [check out video section 4:04 to 6:16 for  newest Swincar touring location ]

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Swincar USA is a network of dealers, eco-tour operators, service centers, and independent sales agents around the country.   Built around Adventure Sports Innovation – the first Swincar fleet operator and now distributor  in the U.S.  For more information about the manufacturer, go to We work together to show America that off-roading can be quiet, low-impact, emission-free, and SO. MUCH. FUN.

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